Deconstruction Vs. Demo

Homeowners seeking to rebuild a home on the lot of their existing house usually choose to hire a demolition crew to raze the building and all of its contents. But in California, deconstruction is becoming a growing trend. Workers use their hands to take the house apart, piece by piece, enabling homeowners to reuse some of the building materials or donate them to non-profits that sell the inventory.

Roderick Cooper, owner of a deconstruction company based in Palo Alto, Cal., says that about 30 percent of rebuilt homes in the Bay area are deconstructed, up 10 percent from five years ago. According to Cooper, deconstruction makes sense, because 85 percent of the building materials are reusable.

Deconstruction is becoming a viable option as its cost has come down closer to demolition fees, landfill regulations have tightened, and housing market professionals are becoming more eco-conscious. At the same time, homeowners who choose to donate building materials can receive a tax benefit. Demolishing, though cheaper, offers zero tax incentive. For more details, watch the Wall Street Journal report.

Posted on December 13, 2014 at 1:37 am
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