A New Face For Your Kitchen

The holidays are close which means spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking, and entertaining guests. For some of us – this is not a pleasant thought as we scan over our drab, ugly, dirty, scratched cabinetry wishing there was something we could do about it. Replacing them is definitely not an option unless you think now is the right time to completely destroy your kitchen. Painting (properly) is not the best idea either, it requires hours of prep work and even more hours painting and waiting – while in the meantime the space in which you should be getting the turkey ready for the oven and chopping vegetables is covered in plastic and blue painters tape… Is that paint thinner I smell???

What is the best option then, aside from just sucking it up and making do? Consider Refacing your kitchen cabinets, and check out the article from ThisOldHouse.com as it takes you through the process of simply replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and applying peel-and-stick veneer. There is a little bit of sanding and prep to get the veneer to stick properly and then of course replacing the doors themselves – but overall it is way cheaper than replacing your cabinets completely and is less of a headache and mess than painting them. The results will astound you and your guests, and will certainly bring a greater level of enjoyment to the holiday season.

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 1:17 am
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