Interest Rates to Rise in 2015

For several years now the Federal Reserve has been flexing its muscle and keeping a tight rein on the movement of interest rates as a means of stimulating the housing recovery. It seems now though, via Lawrence Yun – the Chief Economist for The National Association of Realtors – that this gravy train might finally be coming to an end. According to an article from , Yun has said he expects mortgage rates to reach 5% by 2015 and 6% by 2016. While no doomsday scenario, to keep the housing recovery from sputtering, lenders will need to ease up on credit restrictions and open the market to a broader pool of borrowers.

Of course even the experts can be wrong – but it does seem that the end of the era of cheap money is nigh upon us.

NAR: 2015 will bring 5% interest rate to mortgage lending

Posted on November 11, 2014 at 11:28 pm
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