The Most Zombie Friendly Cities

In life some people are the eaters, and the others are simply eaten – that is, if you find yourself in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse.

It being close to Halloween and all, it appears Trulia has decided to pump some real world data into the trendy horror/ sci-fi genre of Zombies to finally figure out the best locales for the afflicted, or those running from them. After crunching the bones, err… data, they have created a map of the US listing the most “zombie friendly” metros.

The metrics used are:

Hospital Density
Traffic Congestion
Number of Hardware Stores
and of course… The Walk Score.

From the map, it looks like Honolulu and New York are tops for would-be flesh eaters – due to clogged roads and highways, ample food supply, and ease of hobbling around on foot while not having to worry so much about your prey fighting back with improvised devices cobbled together at Home Depot.

If, on the other hand you find yourself lacking that cannibalistic urge and valuing your appendages, may we suggest… Alaska?

The map as seen at

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